Friday, June 10, 2005

White Socks vs. the Blue Hats

Finally, a win, and the sun didn't even come out yesterday, but Eaton willed it and it happened.

RBI steak dinner at Donavans for Greene (probably doesn't eat steak) and Giles as well.

OTOH, three hits is not going to beat the Chicago White Sox.

Yes, the White Sox are coming to town. And with them, the MSSM, i.e. ESPN and the rest.

That makes this series a national test case. Are the Padres legit or is the NL West weak? Are the Blue Hats a player in the NL or have they been lucky?

If we fail the test, meaning lose badly, play badly, pitch badly and don't hit, then Monday Night Football will ignore us for another five years.

But if we pass the test, take the series and play good, solid ball, ESPN may move us up in the highlight rotation to say, 7th and give us some talking head time.

But forget all that. In SD, we don't care about the MSSM. We love our little corner of the Continent. We have the Mediterranean climate belt, more info, beaches, mountains and deserts, and a good little ball team. (Lets not talk about City Hall).

The White Sox are just another good club coming to town to play the grand old game.

If the Blue Hats show some plate discipline, get good pitching, and play error-free, we should win the series.

For a good rundown on the White Sox, go here: It’s a conversation between the Duck and a White Sox blogger.

The WS have a storied past. An original American League team besmirched by Shoeless Joe Jackson and others for throwing the 1919 World Series against big underdogs, the Reds. Read more about WH history here:.

Well, better get to work.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Why are the called the White Sox?
2. Three hits, three runs, efficient.
3. Hope the team is over the flu.


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