Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finally, a Lose

In a strange way, a lose is a relief. Now we can get back to playing baseball.

Let me be frank though, Lawrence seems to have one pitch, an 86 MPH slider that sometimes dips nicely, but lately doesn't do jack. Its probably mechanics and a little fatigue.

You could really see BLaw struggle. One pitch dipped nicely, batter swung an missed, but the next pitch missed and BLaw would be pissed.

I think good pitching is unconscious. When a pitcher is on, he;s thinking about the next pitch to attack the batter, not about release points. But I state the obvious.

BLaw seemed to be trying different release points all night long but to no avail.

It didn't help the our offense went to sleep. I didn't see much of the game so I don't know it there a FPHing, my personal pet peave.

Cubbies are in town, fun team to watch, lot o Cub fans in SD, should be fun.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


Memo to Mud and Maddy, easy big fellows. You nearly blew out my TV when Blum hit a "fly ball" to right in the ninth with bases stacked. First job of the announcer, describe the play, especially you, Mr. USC.

Petco IS a graveyard though. Ball go bye bye at Pac SBC Bell Park. Bring in the fences, Sandy.


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