Saturday, May 28, 2005

Not to be Outdone

Padres win again.

Lawrence pitches a complete game to further rest the bullypen.

Take that Mr. Peavey.

A little rivalry is good for a pitching staff. In addition, Stauffer can feel a more comfortable that the bullpen is ready in case he falters.

Its a day game today with mudcat and the other guy taking a rest day from the cable broadcast...enjoy the city fellas... The game is on Fox. God, please play a good game in front of the national audience. If we blow up, no one will take us seriously until Sept.

Another distraction I have regarding baseball is reading the newspaper of the town the Pads are playing in. Of course, the internet makes this possible. This morning it would be the San Francisco Chronical ( and Henry Shulman.

Shulman basically rips SF a new one while calling the Padres the "class the National League West." I think he has a strong case of ballclub envy, a feeling Padre fans know all to well. The Pads are a team playing well, hitting well, pitching well and winning. SF continues to struggle around .500. But hey SF fan, you had your fun. Now its our turn.

1. Sister called me from the game at 9-3. She was leaving early. BTW, she has great seats, which I've used a few times. (In fact, I've been to Pac SBC Bell Park several times but have yet to catch a game at Petco.)

2. Peavey was all over ESPN and CNN/SI yesterday, but not a peep about the Padre win last night or the Lawrence complete game. But the Yanks and Sock are all over the place. East Coast media bias, no?

3. Brian Giles frequents tanning salons? Read about it in the UT this morning. Must be metrosexual like the Governator?

4. Tim Flanery needs a lot of work on the radio. He is so stiff calling the game, yet BSing with guys on the pregame, he's great. Flanman, relax bro.

Go Padres!
Padre Mike


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