Monday, May 16, 2005

Sweet Win

Great comeback win in the seventh and on to the blow out. I hope ESPN shows the game as a come-from-behind victory and not as a simple blow out. The Fish pitcher was killing us until the seventh.

Can you say, SD is not a major market?

And even better, the Dog Bones get bumped to third as the Snakes win and we win. We wind up in second with the same number of loses but one less win...

Sweep the fish, Nice. That'll give those young kids something to think about.

It is so much fun when things are going your way and the wins start piling up.
Now, Atlanta 23-14 1st in the East, comes to town, another good test, But I think the boys are up to it.

I feel good for the Boch, he deserves a winner as much as any of us. Quality guy, good manager.

Padre Mike


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