Monday, May 09, 2005

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

Wow, going into SL, I thought the Pads had their work cut out and it might not be pretty. But we took three out of four, played decent in the field, and hit a ton in the clutch.

Brain Giles looks back, just in time too cause Klesko has gone cold. Philip, seems grooved.

Rolands, Poohols (sic), Larry, and Edmunds, gees that is enough to make a pitcher call in sick, but Lawrence, Eaton, and even May came through. Great fun.

We'll just ignore yesterdays game. 11 runs in the first inning spells the end for Redding. Maybe the bully, maybe flat out release. Once the Woodman returns, May will be in the fifth spot.

Off to Cincy, with a couple of 4:05 games. Gee, that is just about the time I get off work. What a nice coincidence.

But I'll tell you, watching a game on TV is a big time waster. Better to listen on the radio and get some work done. When there's a big play, rush in turn on the TV.

Feelin It, Padre fan…

Padre Mike


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