Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nice Win….but

Nice win last night against the Gay Ants, but did you catch the first inning? Bases loaded, one out, Gay Ant starter Lowell having trouble locating. Klesko strikes out swinging and so does Hernandez, and later in the game the Padres win with a three-run shot from Blum…

This is the Padre team in a nut shell…they should be in the American League. They are a home run team with pretty good pitching playing in a line drive, small ball park. As a result. They are going to struggle this year at home.

With bases loaded one out (Nevin had an RBI single and an 11 game HS)…time to play small ball, time to work the count, time to be smart at the plate, the pitcher hasn't thrown one over in a week, time to relax and play small ball. Even a slow roller to SS scores a run.

But no, swing for the fences guys, and Lowell gets out of it.

But a nice win, anyway.

Sister called me from the game. She has some very nice seats….
Good win for Woody. Pitched well, pitched like a pro, got the W.
Giants look as lathargic, as we do, the singles hitters are doing fine, but the power guys are struggling.
Padre hitters have got to get smarter at the plate.
What is Brian Giles' IQ anyway. Sometime he don't look all there.
What about Linbrink in the number 5 spot….?

Padre Mike


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