Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nice Reality Check

Its always good to find out exactly where you stand.

The Padres are a poor baseball them. Now they know it and so do we.

They lost to the Gay Ants 10-3 with two errors and numerous other errors not recorded but certainly noted.

And yes, I'm breaking Padre Mike's rule and judging the boys before June first.

But Frankly, I see this as a good thing. The Pads came out of spring training living in the potential and thinking they were going to be good. That was a pipe dream, which is now shattered with a 12 and 8 record and the highest error rate in MLB.

I call this phase of self realization "The Corner." Once a person or a team can get around The Corner of self understand and see themselves as what they are, then change can occur.

The last two games in SF wore off the spring training shine and exposed the Pads for what they really are, at best a mediocre team.

Now we'll see what they are made of.


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