Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bad Lose

Bad lose, only because of so many errors, the infield kicked the ball around like a little league team. That 8th inning was tough, two extra outs.

Good teams don't give extra outs. Niether the Padres or Gay Ants are good teams right now. But Mike's Rule is no judgements until May, although the crazy inter-divisional schedule this year puts preasure on that rule.

It was great to see the boys hitting Jason Schmit who I have personally witnessed shut us down cold last year at least a few times.

Klesko especially looks like he's getting some confidence back and Nevin's hitting streak is nice.

Hernadez's first AB was terrible. Swing, swing, swing, trying to hit a home run, strike out. His next AB he did hit a HR to the opposite field on the first pitch. His third AB was a great one. Ton a pitches, full count, foul off, foul off, foul off and finally got a walk all with two outs and runners on.

That, my friends is a smart AB and what the Pad hitters must do everytime. Of course, H swung at the first two pitches trying to hit HRs, then something clicked and he started working the picture.

Padre Mike


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