Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In the Mix

Another win, improbable as a ninth-inning down by 4 runs come back to tie in the 9th and win in the 14th can be. Lots of fun.

Ducksnort has all the details, here.

BTW, be sure to visit the Duck because he does a nice write up of all the numbers within the game and previews the next game with numbers as well.

But the really fun part of last night's game was opening the standings on CNN/SI this morning and seeing the Pads in the mix.

Remember 84, 96, 98, and even last year a little?

There are stories about the come-from-behind victory, about who went up and who went down, etc, but nothing serves up that momentary sports fan thrill like daily glance at the standings and seeing your team in the mix.

Go ahead, give it a try…here.

I'll wait.

See, nice, no?

Padres are a couple games out of the wildcard (best thing since batting helmets), tied with the snakes for second, and two back of the Dodgers who are playing the Birds.

Ah, now I can get on with work. Got my fix of the mix.

Get your fix every morning while it lasts, and hopefully it will last all season long….

Cincy again, 4:10.

Padre Mike


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