Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cool Tool for Office Workers

Well, we lost last night on a lack luster performance. Lawrence was OK but our hitters tanked even after knocking out the Reds ace in the third with a line drive up the middle. Actually, I think he turned an ankle trying to get out of the way.

4-2 on the road is nice, though. 4-3 would be great. Usually .500 is what you want so we are ahead of the game.

Boys have just started a day game in Cincy, 9:35 am here. I work in a building with lead-lined windows, apparently so no one can spy, so radio reception is nil and MLB wants to sell you internet streaming on the game.

So I would be SOL for today's fun except for this cool little applet provided by MLB that provides near real time game updates. I got it running now, its great.

Go to the Padres website and click Gameday under the main picture. Padre site is here.

It’s a java applet thingy that provides stats, player pictures, a running dialog on the game, a diamond showing player position, and lots of other information.

And the best part, its free.

Gameday a great way for office bound Padres fans with internet restrictions to catch an early day game away. And you can get your work done as well.

Like right now, we got Roberts on third, Loretta on first, Klesko just struck out and Nevin is 2 and 1, all in the first inning.

Ah, Nevin just struck out, Come on old man.

Anyway, go Padres! We have the rookie on the mound. Probably butterflies as big as softballs in his tummy.

(Should hardened baseball fans use the word tummy, enquiring minds want to know?)

Padre Mike…

wow Giles just hit a RBI double…love that guy. Damn, Stauffer, the rookie, just gave up a two dinger….

BTW, on vacation for the next ten days. I'll try to post when I can, but I'll be back to regular posting after May 22.


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