Friday, May 27, 2005

Padres Win, More Standings Fun

What started out as a nice game turned into a blowout. And Jake the snake really delivered. He's the kind of guy you want leading your platoon. He's not doing it for himself or the money, but for the other guys, in this case the tired Padre bullpen. Nice work Jake.

Complete game, two-hit shutout of a pretty hot team and the bully gets the night off.

Something tells me, that will be the spark the pen needs.

BTW, what is he saying to himself out there on the mound?

And Dave Roberts, doing it all in lead off.

Standings are fun this morning. Padres are the forth best team in baseball right now, behind the White Socks (huh?), Orioles, and St Louis. Those three teams are 6s, that is, their winning percentage is above .600. The Padres are in the high 5s. Teams can also be in the 4s and 3s. Thank God, there are no 2s.

The NL has 1 six team, 8 five teams, 3 four teams and 3 three teams. Basically, 9 teams with winning records and 6 teams below .500. That means lots of competition as the 9 fight among themselves and have relatively few sub 5 teams to feast on.

OTOH, the American Leagues has 2 six teams, 6 five teams, 2 fours teams, 3 three teams, and (I lied) 1 poor, god forsaken two team, the Royals. Oye. (BTW, didn't the Amer had only 14 teams). So, the AL has only 8 teams playing above .500 with two of those, thoroughly dominating. That leaves 7 teams to feast on. Little less competitive in the AL, yet they have more WS rings and All-star games then the more competitive NL in previous years. Go figure.

Can you say super team, as in the Yankees? Clearly you can buy the best players and win more.

Our own mid-level market team, da Padres, are hanging tough though.

Tonight, the Gay Ants. My sister is going to the game and giving me a call.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Jake the Snake is the lead story on CNN/SI this morning. Cool.
2. Outside the Lines did a piece on the impact of a Barry Bond-less Gay Ant team. The kayak concession went from 100 rentals a night to 3. Ouch.
3. Is there something wrong with Boch's head (or hat)? Either one is too large or the other particularly small. Looks like a little league ballcap he's wearing. Maybe a lucky hat. Forget I said anything.


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