Friday, May 20, 2005

Catching Up in DC

Washington DC

Imagine the small Padre pleasures of a vacation. Got up this morning (we are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn on 14 th street in DC-nice place), walk out the door and there is a USAToday at my feet.

Well, lets have a little fun. OPEN the sports page as I make my way to the lobby and some coffee. Who is in first, still, our boys (by just a half game, the snakes won last night).

So while I'm missing the fun of a seven game win streak at home, or with the guys at the office, its great traveling the country and seeing these little signs here and there.

The pleasure of the standings.

Tonight, its Seattle, a cool team, up in Seattle, a cool town with a cool park.

Peavy (3-0) on the mound and although he hasn't played well on the road, maybe the mound at Safeco will be to his liking. Anyway, you know you'll get a game from him no matter what.

And it helps that the once tough and classy Mariners are in dead last at 16-24.

I'll be checking in at 10 pm E time for the game on Gameday here in the hotels business center (actually a tiny room with three computers-but again nice).

Go Padres.

Padre Mike


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