Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bully Blows Up

Didn't catch the last part of the game, but the UT says the bullpen gave it up in the eight.

May had a tough start in the first, looked like he had nothing, gave up three. But after that he settled down and did just ok.

When I went to bed it was 3-1 in the fourth and a boring game. The Az pitcher was slow.

Woke up to a 12-11 lose with Otsuka unable again to retire any hitters. Next time I'll stay awake.

Padre Mike's advise: Check Oki's arm, check the shoulder, check the elbow. Don't ask, just stick the damned thing in the MRI and find out. Prediction: Oki on the DL with arm trouble, something he thought would pass and therefore didn't tell the trainers about. Grrrrr. Check the arm.

Klesko, Giles, Hernandez, Green continue to hit. Nevin had a blopper but struck out three times. He still sucks.

Tonight, Jake the Snake goes against the d-backs. Whomever wins takes the lead in the west. Then we head to SF.

That's all for now.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

PS In my previous post I tried to post a table with standings info, but failed miserably. My HTML skills need work.


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