Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good Win…But Sloppy

Another win by another bench guy, Blum. This is getting to be a habit.

Speaking of habits, the Padres are playing lucky right now, and I think their habits are slipping. Good pitching, good hitting and a lot of luck are nice, but still have to play tight.

Yesterdays' game is a perfect example of luck. Bobbled balls by the Brew Crew first basemen, a poorly timed squeeze play, and a running error gave the Pads a win.

And how many times in the past twelve game did the Padres get extra outs?. A bunch, because we are playing mediocre teams.

But luck runs out and teams get better.

Last night both Giles and Klesko hacked at first pitches, made outs, and killed rallies. The team stranded a bunch of runners so what was probably a blow out, came down to the heroics of a bench player. Lucky again.

What happened to working the pitcher and the count? Seemed to work over the last month or so. Nevin (1000th hit) and Blum didn't FPH? I think FPH should be a new stat.

Tighten up guys, it’s a hard game. Like to see a nice tight game tonight. No FPHing.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. When Klesko FPHed in the 2nd I called him a stupid coon. Not nice, but hey, I'm a fan. Then my 9 year old son asked what a coon was. Oops.
2. Jake was bound for a let down. He caught a lot of spotlight last week but he doesn't strike me a spotlight guy and I think it distracted him.
3. Bochy ought to use Trevor even in blowout games to finish from time to time. Trevor performs better with steady work.
4. Hammond must have thrown a dozen changeups in his two innings last night. That is becoming a popular pitch.
5. It occurred to me that very few Padres actually live in San Diego. I'm planning a future post on that.


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