Sunday, May 29, 2005

Phil Breaks Out

Phil breaks out the whooping stick in eighth and leads the Padres to an 5-3 victory over the Gayants.

Gayant starting pitching held the Paddogs to 2 runs and Stauford did a nice job for his forth outing in the bigs. The difference in this game was the lack of middle relief for the Gayants and Phil Nevin, who stroked a three run jack in the eighth to break a two run tie.

Today, another day game, Eaton (7-1, 3.49) faces Jason Schmidt (3-1, 4.79).

We are 5-3 on the road trip, 5-4 would be great. Schmidt, unlike years past, is beatable. Bochy will rest some guys, but our back ups are good, so it would be a competitive game.

Hey, our bullpen finally got some work in...heh, and held the Gayants til Trevor time. Hoffman struggled allowing a run, but he tends to do that when he hasn't worked in a few days.

Hey Peavy and Lawrence, give the guy a chance, would you....ball hogs...heh.

OK, another win to finish the longest roady of the year, then its home to face the brew crew on Monday.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

Fan Notes:

1. The audio is strange from Pac SBC Bell Park. Noticed it Friday and Saturday. No crowd noise.

2. Not sure who the Fox first chair was yesterday, but was he boring. Said about two words every inning and with no crowd noise, sounded like church. Mud and Maddy return today.

3. The Chronical isn't so blistering today in describing the game. Getting used to it I guess.


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