Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Padre June Assessment

I'm no pro, just a fan who doesn't read stats, but here is my June assessment.

Leaving Spring Training no one could have predicted first place, up by three and half games with the best home record in the bigs.

But its June and its all true.

So how will it go from here?

I predict a closer race in the West then we are now seeing. Dogbones and the Snakes are good teams. The Padres are a little better but have to keep up the pressure.

Peavy is clearly the ace and a leader.
Eaton, finally living up to the hype and I really like his maturity this year.
Lawrence is a finesse pitcher who has to feel it. Streaky at best.
Wilson is a solid major league pitcher, gonna keep you in games.
May and Stratton are projects but can still keep the lid on a game.

Clearly Roberts means a lot to this team. He sets the table and adds pressure to the other team usually right off the bat in the first inning. He needs to stay healthy. Damien Jackson could sub for Roberts but doesn't have the maxi.

Giles, Klesko, Nevin are doing their jobs, hitting the baseball and seem to have adjusted to the line drive favoring Petco Park. The key to these guys is plate discipline and not swinging for the fences. You can drive the ball out there, but the cool San Diego Bay air is going to make it a can of corn. But line drives and the team speed of Roberts and Jackson will score you some runs. Its more entertaining for the fans as well.

Hernandez, Boroughs, Green, Jackson are good RBI men at the bottom of the lineup and none is a real hole, another plus for Bochy. When Loretta returns, it'll be an improvement but until he does, these guys can hold their own. Plate discipline again is the key to hitting at Petco. Boroughs has a great eye and so does Hernandez when he is patient. Jackson and Green do there part as well.

Very strong bullpen. Some have been off and on, but overall, Bochy should have no problem going to these guys anytime this year and Trevor is still a near lock in the ninth. This is a nice thing to have.

A good bench with Blum and Sweeney and Ojeida and the others. They all play well in the field and sweet swinging Sweeney is a witch pinch hitting. BTW, love Blum's swing. Compact, quick through the zone, with a good eye. That guy could be playing first string for a small market team. This bench is what’s going to get the Padres through the inevitable injuries that occur with older teams. Witness Jackson subbing for Loretta. There is a bit of fall off, but not enough to kill you. Credit Towers for this bench.

And don't forget Nady...shout out to follow Padre blog Scrib Ducksnort.

The strength of the San Diego Padres so far has been good pitching, great bully and learning to hit the line drive at Petco (plate discipline). I also give great credit to the bench and Bochy and his staff. It clearly a better team then last year with no real holes and no real superstars either. Lot of team balance. But the club house is a lot of fun too.

But, they have to keep up the pressure in the West by winning series, keeping the losing to one or two games, and extending the winning streaks. Clinches, sure true none the less true. There is no one guy that can carry this team like a Peojoles or a Jeter.

We are going to win when the pitching and hitting are insynchc, struggle (as with the Cubs-no hitting) when either goes cold. I wouldn't say this is a robust team. The Cardinals are robust, so are, apparently, the White Socks…who knew. So the Padres need a little luck and little daring.

But clearly, for the 2005 season, the National League West is the Padres to win or lose.

Tonight, its interleague play and the Indians.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Does Sandi Alomar still catch for the Indians...heh?
2. No game yesterday and I got a lot of work done around the house. Tonight, oh well.
3. Lawrence better have something tonight. The Pads don't hit well after a day off.


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