Monday, June 06, 2005

Ugly Weekend

Lost another series.
Lack of plate discipline.
Errors in the field.
The flu.
Peavy with pneumonia, down 8 pounds.
Dodgers gaining ground, 4.5 back.
The sun barely peaked out all weekend.
Five-day work week ahead.

Still in first place.
Still four game up on the second place Snakes.
Day off today to rest.
Another week on the home stand.
Giles still hitting.
No one is panicking yet.
No coverage of our winning record, but no coverage of out slid either. We just don't exist.
No game, I can get some work done around the house.
Still happily married.

Baseball, long and hard game. By the end of September you really know who the good teams are. It June so we have a ways to go.

Get some rest, Padres!

Padre Mike


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