Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday night against the cubs

Well, I missed yesterday, sorry about that. I was on a business trip to LA that ran very late.

Anyway, trying to blog during or after the game to be a little more up to date.

Last night, gees bats went cold, Cub pitcher hot. Not much more needs to be said.

Tonight, Eaton looks good holding so far into the 6 inning. But our bats remain cold. We where lucky to get that one run. Giles could have easitly been called out at the plate. It was a close play.

Well, 6 run uprising with Eaton hitting a triple. Nice.

1. Dusty Baker and that toothpick. Amazing. He can spin that thing long ways in his mouth. Now have tried this and nearly injured myself. I can spin it side ways, but not long ways. He is amazing.

2. Eaton needs a haircut.

More later.


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