Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tough Loss

Not fun, not fun at all. Imagine being at the game. Green and Nevin, jeebus. Long ride home after a painful lose.

Blaw pitched well. Heard he made an adjustment to his location on the rubber, via Mud. Well, whatever it takes.
Nady got some playing time.
Bully looking sharp until trevor, but he needed the work.
Didn't loose any ground in the standings.

Roberts pinch ran in the ninth, but has a shoulder problem. Hmmmmm, hope that goes away soon. Maybe the guy should slide feet first.
Green FPHing in the ninth or tenth. Pop up, got the pitcher out of a jam, nice work Greeny, that and the 11th. I say fine guys for FPHing. $1000. Of course, if they hit a homer and win the game, then it’s a pat on the back. Fanspurgativee.
Blaw performance wasted by cold bats.

The rest of the West sucked last night too and we didn't loose any ground. So, strap it on boys and wakeup the bats. Where's Mark Grace for a slump buster when you need him.

Any volunteers?

Peavy going tonight coming off of a nasty virus. He'll weaken early, so the hitters got to earn their money and get him a lead.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Fast damned game until extra innings.

2. Could the Cleveland manager change pitchers any more often? jeebus, probably saw his entire bully one out at a time. Of course, Channel 4 loves it.

3. Can you miss a home run any closer then Klesko last night? Replay showed mere inches. Might have won the game. Damned heavy bay air.

4. Have not seen this but would like to: Homerun comparisons between the Q and the P.


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