Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Frustrating Game

Peavy is cleary still recovering from the flu, or whatever its called. Apparently, Nevin is so sick he couldn't come to the ballpark.

Well, its 6-1 in the ninth and Padres bats are still ice cold. No Nevin, no Roberts, no Loretta and we can't score runs. Jeebus, its frustrating!

4 home runs, ouch, by the Cleveland Indians who are not that great offensively.

Today, our good luck pitcher goes, Eaton, but if the boys can't hit the ball, forget about it. You have to be able to plate at least one run to win the game.

Day game today. All you corporate office workers, catch the game on Gameday at

Get some hits Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Lead off triple and no runs to show, thats when you know the bats are ice.
2. Greene made some nice plays in the field to make up for his personally losing Monday's game for us. He still can't hit the curve.
3. Niether can I, but I'm not making a million to do so.
4. Would settle for a sweep, if only the bats would wake up because a real team is coming to town.
5. As the UT headline said, June Gloom.


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