Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sat Great, Sunday Sucks

Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.

Well, overall, we sucked against the best team in baseball.

Let me just say though, that ain't no American League team. That is a Yankee team, hitting, hitting, hitting. Singles doubles, maybe a home run.

Best team in baseball, yet Harolds Raines, a bench coach for the the WS interviewed on a pregame show, said this team owes it's success to pitching and defense, and that the hitting has not caught up yet.

Pads could learn a thing from this team. It ain't HRs that win games, its plate discipline, working the pitcher and hitting single and doubles that wins game.

Interesting that guys like Klesko and Nevin still have to learn this important lesson all over again.

The Yankees are the winningest team in baseball in the last ten years, yet do they have a big slugger, tell me, do they have a big slugger?


Padres are learning to play ball like an American League team, which is like a National League team, or the way the NL used to be.

OK, now I'm confused.

Monday off.

Tough homie.

Hopefully, Detriot won't be as tough as the WS.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

Things I think I think (sorry, Peter)

1. Didn't see hide nor hair of that game on Sat, apparrently, I missed a come from behind victory in bottom of the ninth.

2. Greene, two hits. Nice. But he still has weired hair.

3. Staufford pitched well Sat and BLaw is solid too. Once again, we pitched well enough to win.


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