Thursday, April 20, 2006

Padres Win, Giles Plunked

Don't look now, but me thinks the Padres are starting to play a little better. I feel a confidence growing in this team as the young guys prove themselves and the old guys warmup. We can play, we got some maxi, we got a little game.

Mets in Town
And we will need a little game to play with the Mets, who after years of spending and spending have finally bought themselves a team. I'm sure Mike and Mike are filling in our guys on the ins and outs of their former team, at least I would hope they would do that. Peavy goes tonight and we see Martinez on Sat.

I hope Petco doesn't bring us down. We saw a little of this play well on the road, play like shit at home stuff last year. Be really good to keep the momentum of the road trip into Petco, but I state the obvious, no?

Its a four game set. I would accept a split, be thrilled with 3 of 4. Mets are tough.

One on the Cheek
So they plunked Giles on the butt cheek for sliding at their catcher the pervious night. Baseball players have long memories and we will see the Rocks again. All I can say is scoreboard (although the series tilts in their favor at 4-3).

Go Padres

Mike Mike

1. Getting to like Vinny more and more. When we traded for him I thought, oh Christ. But watching the guy play third, he's stolid in a Chris Gomez kinda way. Not spectacular, but gonna make most plays. And yesterday's four hits shows he can still swing it a little. Good pickup for Towers to fill the hole left by the large disappointment that was Shawn Boroughs.

2. Caught a little Padre Insider interviewing Sandi Alderson. What baseball CEO type wouldn't want to come do to SD to run a team? This guys the luckiest guy in the world. The weather, new ballpark, pretty good GM, beautiful place to live, great owner, soft media, mellow but loyal fans, the beach. They interviewed him in his house. Couldn't quite tell where it was, but I'm guessing Del Mar. Thats were Steve Fisher and Steve Finley live. Of course, it could be Rancho Santa Fe, maybe next door to Phil Michelson.


At April 20, 2006 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you change your name to Mike Mike, Padre Mike?

At April 20, 2006 8:29 AM, Blogger Padre Mike said...

No, its still Padre MIke. Look, I got to write these things of the sly between patrolling bosses a la The Great Escape, so mistakes are going to crop up.


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