Friday, November 18, 2005

Nady 4 Cameron-My Quick Take

I like the deal except for one thing...can Cameron play after that terrible collision? He used to be able to play pretty well, which makes me suspicious about why the Mets would want to give him up for a so so guy like Nady. Hmmm.

Did you read about what he broke on that smashup? Cheek bones, nose, orbital sockets. Maybe something in his psyche too, no? That center field wreck was nasty. Will he be able to stand in the batters' box without thinking about it?

I'm sure he will pass a physical and an eye test...but I think Kevin should get him out on the field, maybe in one of the winter leagues to see if the guy still can strap it on.

Anyway, good luck to Nady.

Padre Mike

1. Since we are getting rid of all our minor league/draft experiments, a Boroughs trade can't be far behind.
2. I hope Cameron isn't expecting Klesko to protect him.
3. Of course, we are gonna sign Hoffman. Can you imagine him getting the Save lead with another team, no?
4. Roberts to the bench, who will lead off?


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