Friday, September 23, 2005

Pads Lose

Magic number: 6
# of wins for a winning season: 6
Number of games remaining: 10

So to have a winning season, we have to play above 500 for the remaining 10 games. Of course, if we clinch, then all bets are off as Bochy will rest guys for the playoffs. Hmmm, don't like my chances on this one.

Clinching on Monday?

OTOH, chances are decent that the Pads could clinch or possibly clinch Monday, when me and the family are going to the game. Its any combination of Pad wins and Gay Ant loses. Giants are in Denver for three and the Rocks are playing pretty good ball. Lets say they take the series with the Giants (2-1) and we take the series with the snake (2-1). The magic number would be two going into Monday night's game. That would be fun. Realistically though, I just want a chance to clinch on Monday. What fun!

Padres Poor Record
Padres are getting a lot of criticism for their record, but its unwarranted. Look, the divisional play rules say you win your division you go to the playoffs and the Padres are winning their division, plain and simple. Hey, we have no illusions down here about the type of team we have, mediocre at best, but are going to proudly fly the divisional banner next year, you bet.

Besides, if the Atl or Bud Birds are so much better, let them prove in the divisional series, and they probably will.

So, go Padres down in the AZ tonight.

Padre Mike


1. What to do with the Padres after the season. We are desperate for offense. Pitching is ok. Bully is fine. Dump Klesko and Giles, keep Poppy? Should be interesting to see. What I don't want to hear is, hey, we won the division so these players are good to go. Quiet possibly, the Padres could blow the budget just keeping current players around and not add anyone, making the team weak next year.

2. Could we please bring in the fences at Petmall Park, which is officially the hardest park to hit a dinger in, and not surprisingly, the Padres biggest problem is offense. They did it at the Jack Murphy, they can do it here. Split the difference. Aim for the middle of the list. Take the porch in right field and extend it all the way around with extra seats. Leave a space for people in the Park at the Park to see.


At September 24, 2005 10:43 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Starting pitching is actually a more pressing need than offense. The Padres are slightly outhitting their opponents at home. And only two teams in the NL (Cardinals and Marlins) have scored more runs on the road.

The problem is that the Padres have an ERA over a run higher on the road (4.75) than at Petco Park (3.67). Only the Dodgers, Rockies, and Reds have a higher team ERA on the road this year.

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