Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Now That's a Spicy Meatball!

Magic Number: 8
Games Left: 13
# of wins for a winning season: 6

Lack of Leadership

Its fun when they hit, no? Padres win in a crazy one at Coors, 7-8. Greene has two dingers and some great glove work. Could the lad be taking this team on his narrow shoulders? Somebody has to. Klesko can't hit anymore, Hernandez is too worried about his hair, and Giles would rather show off his shirtless bod, then lead. Don't get me wrong, Giles and Poppi are playing well and hitting, but are not natural leaders. Klesko is hitting and doesn't lead either.

Hey, hey, Padre Mike no need for that. Why criticize when the Pads seem to be playing better?

Your right, I joke I kid. Just having some fun.

But its been my personal theory that the Padres don't have a leader. Nevin was the leader, a cranky one, but a leader, but since his departure, there has been a vacuum that sucked the offensive life out of this team. And you, dear Padre faithful, wondered were the offense went. Into the leadership vacuum, my son, the leadership vacuum, of course.

USA Today Article

USA Today (Click Here) had a nice write up on the Padres, I thought. They dinged us for being a bad team, but pointed out that we are happy to be leading the NL West despite our record. Beats meaningless games in September any day and we have all seen plenty of those. They also pointed out that the Padres are 9-4 against the ATL and Bud birds this year and that the playoffs feature pitching and Eaton and Peavy are pretty good.

Hitting Observations

Nady, your swing is way to long. I know you are a power hitter, but shorten up a bit until your batters eye gets better. Out of six zones in your swing, five of them are good for a strike.

Same with you Klesko, although you cover more plate then Nady, that big, long swing isn't working anymore. Make an adjustment and shorten you stroke. Your not as young as you used to be.

Yes, both guys are dragging the bat through the zone. Bonds chokes up on the bat and he's a decent hitter.

Hey, lets have some more fun tonight. Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Greene's second dinger looked like a popup on the TV. Guess that thin air helps in Denver. At Petco, that would have been an infield popup.

2. Darn, not that I want to see a rain out, but if the boys were home last night, it might have happened. I'm so glad our Hurricanes stay out in the ocean. We have the cold Pacific to thank for that. Rain is such an unusual occurence to a San Diegian, we just get all giddy.

3. Like playing Klesko at Coors. Maybe he can get some confidence back. Realize this, Giles has had little protection all year because Klesko sucks.


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