Monday, August 29, 2005

We Won-Ugly

But you, dear Padre fan, knew that.

Klesko had three RBIs (its about time the boy started hitting) but you knew that as well.

Roberts nearly put Giles on the DL by colliding with him in right-center field. But that was Roberts ball all the way. He's the center fielder.

So lets add up the good news:
1. Eaton pitched well Friday, although we lost.
2. Klesko started to hit Sunday
3. Didn't loose any in the standings by loosing the series to the last place team.
4. Gile's knee is sore but OK.
5. Green will start Thursday in Mil with a steel toe cap. IOWs, he's a gamer where as Hernandez isn't.
6. We didn't get swept by the last place team.

And lets add up the bad news:
1. We can't hit
2. We can't hit with MIB
3. We can't hit with two outs and MIB
4. We can't hit rookie pitchers with 5+ ERAs
5. We can't hit in Petco even though the visiting teams have no trouble
6. We can't hit in the clutch

So what I'm saying is, our offense sucks.

And this leads me to my other point. The Padres are playing ugly ball and this is one reason games are not sold out and attendance is behind last year, even though we are leading the NL Worst.

I've been to a couple of games, we won both, but it was ugly ball. Lots stakeouts and popups, lots of LOBs, lot of disappointments. Its been ugly ball since June 1.

And frankly, I'm tired of it. We are a bad team in first place, its really not fair to anyone.

Tonight, we play the AZ and have a chance to really create some distance in the race, although many think the Dogbones will be nipping at our heals, not the AZ, when its all said and done.

Either way, go Padres, and please, please, hit.

Padre Mike

1. Be very interested in what Sandi does in the off season. Trevor, Giles, Hernandez, Randa are free agents. Petco favors your line drive hitter.

2. Is Petco's center field jinxed? There seem to be problems there lately with players colliding. Maybe its a sound thing, like in that area with the crowd noise, fielders can't hear.

3. Even wonder why notes or points have to be in threes? Must be a linguistics thing.


At August 29, 2005 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugly ball is hard to watch. It would be a tad funner if somebody was hitting on this team. And our pirtching has been more then decent.


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