Saturday, August 20, 2005

That Was Fun

Well, that was fun although I did not see much of the game. I guess Giles was showing off to his brother and so were ten other Padres, the number of dudes with at least one hit last night.

Teddy ballgame, always good for the travel back story, was explaining the Padres flying adventures getting from Florida to the Atl. They had a wee bit o trouble with the aircraft when the power shut down in the cabin while taxing to the runway. Three hours later, the problem was fixed. Apparently too, it was a female pilot, which made Teddy a little more nervious.

Hey Ted, open mouth and insert foot.

Park was not especially sharp, but 20 hits will help a guy get past that, although he did not make it past the fifth inning.

Didn't see the Sweeney home run, wife and I watched Kinsey instead. Good movie but not for the kids.

Well, we have seen this kind of thing before, where the Pads have a blowout game then go back to being NL West door mats, so I'm not buying, yet. But it was fun.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Flannery and Ted were reliving memories of the 98 NL playoff Series during the game. Great memories, especailly the series in the Atl.

2. Ted Liechter finally admitted on the radio to having a disease...he said that whatever he thinks comes out his mouth.

3. Good to see Joe Montana's brother get off the snide with a dinger. That guy is supposed to be able to hit, but I have yet to see it.


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