Thursday, August 11, 2005

That Game was Terrible

But there is a silver lining, at least for the Wilder family. Daddy/husband got some work done around the house, namely nailing and caulking the new baseboard in the entry way. Looks good. Lawrence looked terrible.

But like the Wilder remodel, its a looooonnnnnngggg season.

Took about 2 innings of that crap and I was done.

But, five in a row followed by a bad lose, can't complain. And on top of all that, Az lost as well so we are still on top by 4 games, if still only one game above .500.

Nooner game today. Corporate cube dwellers, break out your Gameday if you can and IGD at ducksnorts.

See you there, and GO PADRES!

Padre Mike

1. Lawrence sucked last night but the Mets get some credit too. They were patient and played station to station ball peppered with a few dingers.

2. Is Mike P. gay? Every time I see him, I ask myself that question. It does really matter, its just that once a rumor starts, its hard to stop. Remember the Star Report and Clinton?

3. Benston, the Mets pitcher, is terrible slow. Ted Lietner says he hates clow pitchers but I donno. Being slow gives Ted a lot of talk time on the radio and that boy loves to talk.


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