Monday, August 08, 2005

Aw, the White Ball

You'd think that playing baseball for all those years, many from Little League on up, Padre hitters would have realized before this latest road trip that the key to winning and helping your pitchers is hitting the white ball into the big grassy area away from the guys standing out there, and if possible, over the fence way out there.

Well, Padre hitters have finally caught on and just in the nick of time, thank you Jesus.

IOWs, we are hitting and we are winning, a simple equation. The Padres' problem is not pitching or defense, its hitting. In May, we hit like demons. June and July, we hit like jakes. Maybe we used up all our hits in May. Maybe a team only gets a certain number of hits per year. Nah, we just forgot how to hit.

Like the old Steve Martin line, "I forgot, I forgot armed robbery was against the law, I forgot."

Having been through two months of pain and misery and not given up the NL West lead, what I want now is respect within the NL, ESPN, and baseball and to get that we need to keep moving past .500.

This morning, with our record, we would barely be holding 4th place in the other five leagues except the central where we would be in 3rd. Not even a Wildcard sniff.

Both the Phillies and Mets, who are coming to town, are playing better baseball then we are, yet are forth and fifth in the NL East.

In fact, the next five series, NYM, PHI, FLA, ATL, and HOU are all teams playing better baseball than the Padres. Yet the only teams in current contention for post season are ALT, leading the NL East, and HOU, with the Wildcard.

That tells you the NL West stinks. But the Padres don't have to stink and this last roady showed us that. We went 5-1 and hit the ball a ton. Lets win the next five series against there tough NL teams and gain some respect back.

So come on Padre hitters, keep applying wood to ball and all will be well.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Go check out ducksnorts ipod broadcast. Don't need an ipod, just click the link. He sounds taller then I thought.
2. The irony of RFK is that now, its the throw-back stadium.
3. Hope the site planners for the new Nats stadium are better then those employed by the Padres. Would it not be cool for the Nats to look out on the Capitol or some monuments? Woldn't it be nice if Petco looked at the Coronado Bridge or maybe SD Bay instead does it look on?
4. Don't get me started on a Petco rant. That place looks our vacant lot. Nice.


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