Friday, July 22, 2005

Bag on 9 Mil Day-Because it Feels Good

Its bag on 9.6-mil today because in yesterday's humiliating lose, 9 mil went 1 for 4 and had 4 LOBs. His one heroic single came in the top of the ninth with the score 12-0.

Oh, and BTW, guess who bats before 9-mil in the lineup, that's right, Giles who got his major league leading 70 and 71st walks.

What a minute, you say, they don't want to pitch to Giles. They would rather take their chances with the next guy, who happens to be 9-Mil.

Pitch around Giles, take you chances with Nevin, all for 9.6 millions dollars a year. That's $369230.76 a bi-weekly paycheck. What I make is dust on Phil's Nevin's shoes by comparison, but I can't hit a baseball either.

Oh, wait, neither can he. Something is fishy here.

BTW Padre fans, for you numbers lovers (I was an English Major but I'm trying), based on his salary divided by 162 game season, Phil made $59,259.25 for yesterdays three hour performance. That comes out to $19,753.08 an hour. Or, $14,148.81 for every runner he left on base. Not bad work if you can get it.

Don't get me wrong, Phil has contributed to this Padre club. He's given us some great years, I think he still leads the club in RBIs, but as Jack Buck once said, I've given St Louis the best years of my life, now I'm giving them the worst, and so it is with Phil.

Its the curse of the mid-market team, struck with high priced ball players as their performance declines.

The problem is we are paying Phil through next year (2006) and other teams don't want an aging has-been who cost 9-million. So, dear fan, we are saddled with this guy.

And as I always say, if the situation is intractable as this one clearly is, bitterness and resentment are your only escape. Either that or a lot of beer.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Despite the loss yesterday, it was a lot of fun using the comments on Ducksnort to commiserate with follow Padre fans at work during the game. Thanks Brian G., Lynchmob, and Kevin for the comments, and thanks to Goeff for providing the forum.

2. Are you all following the UT photo journalist as he travels with the Pad dogs? Nice pict yesterday of Woody on the Queens Number 7 subway. Even nicer picture of Klesko getting massage therapy from a pretty girl.

Like I said, nice work if you can get it.


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