Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fuck the Padres!

They have broken my heart for like the 20th time, like finding out that the girl you were crazy about at summer camp has dating Joe Smo at your HS during the Fall, like your best freind seeing your girl on the side, like that college girl who kept stringing you along until something better comes along.

The Padres are complete pretenders, saddled with high dollar contracts for two guy way past their primes who make very fews contributions.

This is what baseball does to mid market teams, saddles them with over paid, under performing guys, i.e. Klesko and Nevin while high dollar teams get the cream of the crop.

The Yanks and RS can afford to make a mistake, but the Pads can't. The Padres, in a disasterous NL West, with decent pitching, are stuck with two BIG TIME losers, Klesko and Nevin.

Oh, their numbers are decent but not 9 mil and 8 mil decent, and their ability to hit in the clutch put my little league team at a major league level.

I declare right now, send a message, Bochy. Sit these two over paid, beyond thier prime, players on the bench and say, "you don't perform, you don't play, PERIOD!"

But no, because its baseball, we'll continue to play them until Phil hits a homer in a 10-2 game against the Devil Rays and until Rhino has a two game hit streak against the Royals.

I tell you what, give me football any day. Guys have to perform or your on STs.

Is there any reason at all N and K get a pass when better players sit on the bench?

Maybe Schotenhimer and Smith can take over of Towers and Becky. Put the fear of God into these over paid primadonnas.

Pissed off BIG TIME!

Padre Mike

F the the Notes!


At July 21, 2005 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee padre Mike, tell us how your erally feel.


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