Friday, July 08, 2005

Avoided the Sweep

Heh, that was close, but we avoided the sweep.

That is how we need to play. Single, single, single, single, home run, single.

What the hell is wrong with Rhino?

Phil Nevin gets 9 million dollars this years. That is $346,153.84 a paycheck, minus whatever his taxes are.


I hate ball players, I really do.

Stauffer to pitch in Colorado, heh. I'm sure Balsely will take him aside and say something to the effect, "don't worry, be happy. Ten runs down is nothing at Coors Canaveral. And BTW, your curve won't."

Go Padres.

We really should sweep the hapless Rocks, if not take the serious at the very least and get some Mo into the break.

Padre Mike


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