Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Finally Happened

Well, the NL West is bad, but now, with yesterday's lose, the Padres have crossed The Line.

The Line you ask? Yes, The Line.

The Line is when a team in leading its division but playing worse then the Wildcard team in another division. Yes, that line.

How bad is the NL West? The Padres are in first by 4.5 games in the NL West and the only team playing above .500. We are playing at .542, a respectable 7 games above 500 (45-38). The problem is that Atlanta is the current Wildcard team and is playing at .554 and 9 games above 500 (46-37).

The Wildcard team is two games better then the NL West leader. In the old days, it would be too bad Atlanta, but the Wildcard gives them a chance.

We need to think of a good name for this situation. Of course, if it were the end of the season, we would go to the playoffs, so its not all bad news.

BTW, Redsox (.568) are in the same position, first in the AL East, but the Twins are the Wildcard team and playing better at .575.

But for all our weird play over the last month, we have not lost ground. Thank you Snakes, Dogbones.

Another nugget to think about is that N, H, E, L are still out of action probably til after the All Star game. When they return, we get better.

Hopefully, we can gain a little respect by crossing back over The Line in the second half.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Hmm. Seattle will pay Brett Borne 8.3 million this year yet they designated him for assignment this weekend. Since steroid testing, he's hitting in the low 200s. And there doesn't to be a whole lot o interest in a pretty decent player. My bet is he can't pass a drug test. What do you think, Barry?
2. Peavy is an all-star. Giles should be there to and probably will when LaRussa makes his picks.
3. Not a big All Star fan. And now, its way over-hyped. Seems the home run derby is bigger then the game.


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