Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Beat LA Beat LA

Thanks to Jake the Snake, we did beat LA in a tight game in which both Penny and Peavy pitched lights out. The pads came out on top with a single run in the fifth.

The crowd, a large one apparently, was really into it chanting beat LA, beat LA. I think what they really meant was beat back LA and thank god for Camp Pendleton.

Once again, we didn't hit much, or rather every forth batter got a hit, which doesn't score many runs.

ESPN led off with the Jake Peavy story. They really love the guy, like Greene last year. And Penny, who pitched a pretty good game himself, got no love at all.

And I could rant and rant about Phil, but I won't. His 0 for 4 was typical (trying to pull the power pitcher so he could feel the glory one more time) and his big error at first was ugly, but we won the game so why harp on the guy.

Lets see now, who needs Phil Nevin? I'm sure Kevin Towers has a list of teams, right? Maybe one or two...in the American League, who could use his skills? Maybe the Dodgers. They need hitting.

Go Padres, beat LA!

Padre Mike

1. Why is Fick catching? Where is Miguel?
2. How come the newspapers always uses the word "escaped" and Trevor Hoffmen in the same article?
3. Greene (I use his last name because I can't spell his first) is struggling like a second-year guy. I guess we have to be patient.
4. TGwynn in the booth last night on channel 4. My wife said he had a nice voice and liked the way he explained things.
5. Gwynn had high praise for Giles whose opposite field hits gave the Pads their only run. Hey Phil, power pitcher, opposite field, ring any bells?


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Hey Padre MIke, good stuff keep it up.


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