Friday, June 17, 2005

Good News, Bad News, and Yoga?

We know the bad news. Padres can't hit (hell, they can't win either). And now they are getting desperate, swinging at first pitches, attempted bunts, changing their stances. The more losing, the worse it gets. Next thing we'll see lefties batting right and vis versa.

Reminds me of the scene in Major League with the slugger is performing voodoo magic on his bat...heh.

And the good news, you ask? Well, the NL can't win either and the Padres are still in first by a game or so. Dave Roberts is back and hitting home runs too.

Hummm, that's about it for good news.

Had my first yoga class yesterday and while I was bent in some pretzel position getting in touch with my inner self, something occurred to me. To start winning again, the Padres need to let go and relax.

I realize hardened baseball types are snickering, but bare with me.

We all know baseball is the one game you can't get jacked up for. You have to play at an even level. Push to hard and you slump. Apply too much pressure, and you tank. Its a game best played with a relaxed intensity. Not too high or too low.

So, that is my yoga advice (listen to me, one yoga class and I'm giving advice) to the Padres. Relax and play ball. Breath a little. Play in the spirit of the game as you did in Little League. Remember? Have fun out there. Forget the standings or the slumps or the pressure from fans. Un-block the inner ball player that brought to the Major Leagues, and let that energy flow into your game.

Well, I'm sure Greene would agree with me, anyway.

I hear you, snicker snicker. But there is something to this stuff, especially in baseball.

Relaxed intensity, either that or an all team slump buster. Minnesota is probably a good place for that...snark.

Relax Padre hitters, be the ball, use the force, breath, have fun. Its a game you love, right?

Padre Mike


1. Eaton hurt his flexor muscle? What is des flexor muscle (insert Russian accent)?
2. Actually, yoga was pretty cool. Not as easy as like looks and the lady instructor was very well toned, all from yoga.
3. First Astroturf game, yuck. Come on Minn, get a real ballpark.
4. I heard Minn is playing very well. They have always been the little team that could.


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