Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Padres day

Nice couple of wins for the boys to end a terrible skid and set the Padres on the winning track for the big time Dogbone matchup starting today at Petco.

Important games to say the least. Three and a half back could be half a game up if the Padres continue to hit like the over eighty doubles club at my local tennis court.

The Irrational Fan
As a fan, I get to be high when we are winning and grumpy as all get out when we lose. In other words, I get to be irrational.

And now I'm going to be irrational about Phil Nevin. Bases loaded, the pitcher just walked two guys. No outs. Phil steps up and what does he do?


Hmmmm, lets see. Does he wait for the stuggling pitcher to throw a strike? No. Does he work the count of the struggling pitcher waiting for a pitch he can drive and pick up some runs? No. Does he pick his nose and scratch is butt, probably would have been preferable.


He First Pitch Hacks...a dribbler out infront of the plate. The Twin catcher merely picks up the result of Phil's mighty swing and steps on homeplate. One out, bases still loaded but...the pitcher now has a little hope. Double play is in order, and the pressure is lessened a bit. The next batter hits into the DP. Thought Jerry Coleman was going to keel over right then and there.

Any other approach to hitting in that situation would have resulted in a better outcome then a FPH.

And Phil, don't slam your bat to the ground, then return to the dugout and kick the water cooler like you got ripped off. That is BS. You took the worst possible approach with the least odds of success, all so you might get your homerun rocks off. For the money you are making, you MUST perform better then that. Think about the team once in a while, a Phil.

Stupidest at bat of the year I would say.

I'm officially on the Trade Phil Nevin band wagon after that performance. The Padres went on to win the game, but that at bat clearly indicated the Phil has got to go. He can still hit and is decent in the field, but he's more trouble then he is worth. Reminds me of Jack Clark. Remember him?

Trade Phil, put Klesko back at first and Nady in left and see what happens. Another month or so to the trading deadline. Come on Kevin...dump this guy.

Hopefully, there is a team out there that would like an aging, grumpy ballplayer with a large contract who can hit decently and field OK, but ofter brain farts with runners in scoring position.

Crap. Oh well, maybe a team in the American league.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Had a nice Father's Day. Got some good gifts. Luckily, we in Socal don't wear ties too often.
2. May was a man yesterday stacking up against the Amer League Cy Young award winner Santana. That young man may turn out to be something.
3. Dodgers are clearly not the same team that swept us in LA and SD early in the season. They are not even playing 500 ball. It would be sweet revenge to take the hammer to them.


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