Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Padres Win Despite Injuries

Phil Nevin, Adam Eaton, Carlos Hernandez may go on the DL here soon. Ouch, that hurts.

BTW, nice win yesterday for Woody. Is it me or does Hoffman look shaky?

Dodgers Pathetic

The Dodgers are pathetic. My god there was a time when the Dogbones were an elite team, now they look like the Royals with pitching. A team of nobodies. The franchise has gone down hill fast. Even last year's playoff appearance was a waste.

Remember when the Dogbones where owned by the O'Malley family and players had to wear slacks and a collared shirt while traveling on the road. Tommy Lasorda was the coach.

Who can forget Orel Hirchiser (I can hear Cookie Chainsaw saying it now, Orel Hirch.................................................................................iezer) and Kirk Gibson.

Teams have their ups and downs and its been a long down for the Dodgers.

I've never been a Dodger hater, mainly because the Pads tended to win against the dogbones over the years. But now I feel almost sorry for them.

Still Not Hitting

Luckily we are playing the hapless dogbones because we are still not hitting. Last night we left 13 runners on base. Klesko was completely worthless against Lowe as he had been all year.

Thirteen runners on is nice, now lets string a few together.

Go Padres, don't let up an inch on the Dodgers.

Padre Mike

1. Petco is a funny looking park. Have not been yet, but walked around a bunch during Jury Duty. Who designed that park anyway? Its very....ordinary.
2. Hey Lowe, nice pucca shells. I had the same kind when I was in eighth grade.
3. Fick, who is this kid? Anyway, whoever you are kid, thanks for carrying the entire damned offense on your back for the month of June.
4. Nevin, obleak muscle. What is dis obleak muscle (activate Russian accent)?


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