Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Padres win a Strange One

What happens when you have a third string catcher behind the plate? Two passed balls (or wild pitches, whatever) and three runs. strange.

Day game today, so I'll keep it short.

BLaw pitches another gem with 7+ scoreless innings.

Middle of the lineup finally came through.

Didn't see much of the game; wife got the TV and the Usual Suspects was on IFC. Good movie even though I've seen it ten times.

I usually have the game on in the garage and the bedroom, and the TV in the livingroom if Ms Padre Mike isn't watching. That way, I can be anywhere and keep up. If there is a big play, I run to the TV to catch the replay.

My basic theory is that watching a baseball game on TV is a large waste of time. Better to listen on radio and get some work done.

Go Padres! Beat smellLA, Beat smellLA.

Padre Mike

1. Weekday day game means I'll have to watch it via Gameday. Its very cool. Wonder how long before MLB starts charging?
2. Ms. Padre Mike was wondering why Matt Vascursin was yelling with excitement when the Dog Bones scored three in the eighth. She thought he was a Dog Bone announcer (Kaiser Sase had left the building). "No, that sour guy and he's not that good," I said.
3. Sometimes I think Ted Lightner is too much of a homer/whiner. Its like he can't take it when games are close. He wants 162 blowouts. Better get that BP checked, Uncle Ted.


At July 24, 2005 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You "think" Lightner is a homer/whiner? Gee, you think so? He's a very bitter, angry guy and the fact that he has been calling the Padres game for so long is a sad reflection on the organization and indeed the fans. If listeners agree with--as they apparently do--TL's perspective that the Padres are always a superior team and are always the victim of bad breaks or unfairness, it really takes away from the whole beauty and spirit of the game and of competition itself. The Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/O's spend too much money--according to him--the umpires give Bonds, Maddux, Clemens all the close calls, any town but SD is dirty, crowded, expensive, windy, cold, hot, etc... If he finds everything miserable about the game except a Padre victory, then he's in trouble. And is it a coincidence that Padres have been to two--two!--WS in their 36-year history and both times they bent over like a jailhouse bitch? I don't think it is. And guess what: they ain't goin' this year either...

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