Friday, June 24, 2005

Frustrating Damned Game

Gees, how many guys are we gonna leave on base?

In the last seven days, SD is batting .269 with base loaded
For the year we are .264 with runners on, 23rd in the league and .261 with runners in scoring position, 21st in the league. Piss poor if you ask me.

In other words, we are not doing jack with ducks in the pond. Greene has become a dark hole at number 7 and Jackson isn't much better at 8.

But we are in first still so what am I complaining about? Donno, just feel grumpy today.
Day game today and it should be nice an sunny downtown. Aha, I grumpy because I'm here at the office, not at the game.

Well, for all you office workers out there with internet access, go to and click on Gameday. Its cool.

Go Padres, and pretty please, with sugar on top, hit the fricking ball.

Padre Mike

1. Stanton looks like a little kid out there but he goes after the hitters.
2. Give the dogbones credit, they just ended an 8 game slid.
3. Bonds to return after the All-Star break. Talk about who cares...maybe Gay Ant fan, but the guys a cheater.
4. Greene looks helpless at the plate, like a robot automatically swinging and missing the curve ball. He needs to play pepper with the ball, make contact. He did have an RBI yesterday.
5. Surprised Bochy put in the kids just up from double A in the eighth with bases loaded down by a run. Miguel has a better chance at making contact. Maybe is was lefty on righty, not sure. But I did like the kid's swing. Liner to second base. At least he didn't hit into the DP.


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