Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lets start thinking Second Half

The All Star break is nearly here (although we passed the half way point last weekend) and it traditionally serves as a corner in which good teams hunker down for the long second half, bad teams put up the Garage Sale signs, and all teams think about who to trade.

In other words, its reality time.

The Padres need hitting.

Despite the injuries, the "one bad pitch" problems, the bullpen blowups, its the lack of hitting that has hurt us most. I know there are stats to back this theory up, but at work, I don't have time to hunt for them. But from the empirical evidence of watching games during the first half, it seems once a team gets a lead on us, its over.

Unless the pitching keeps a game within a run or two and our bully holds, the game is lost.

Whatever happened to the hitters of May?

But, by some cruet twist of fate, we remain in first place, 4.5 up on the rest of the sorry NL West and fours games behind the Wildcard leading Braves.

go padres!

Padre Mike

1. Thanks to ducksnorts for the word fugly. Very apt word for the last month and this month too.
2. Heard that in June, the Padres went 12 and 20 and gained a game.
3. I turned off the game after Fuglyburg gave up the three run jack, because it just became pathetic. Then to hear that everyone in the NL West lost, except the Rocks, was even more pathetic.


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