Friday, July 15, 2005

Not a Great Start, But...

Well, that ain't the way to start off the second half, surely. Especially the errors. Hate errors with a passion. Hate attending poorly played games too. Felt sorry for the fans at Petco last night.

But lets not panic, yet. Lets focus on the series and a series win, although in the NL West, a tie with Az would be fine too.

Padres fans, myself included, tend to think the sky is falling all the time and with good reason. The boys have not played well in nearly two months and I now starting to believe May was a fluke.

But, we are still in first, all be it because we play in the weakest division in baseball, and still 4 games out and still 6 games above .500. If the season ended today, we be in post season.

With N, L E returning, we are going to get better, so I am now going to take the glass is half full approach to the second half. Not to mention, the trading deadline is coming and Kevin my make moves to improve the team.

Go Padres!

(Of course, if they lose tonight, I'll be certain the sky is falling.)

Padre Mike

1. Star Game, clearly the Al is better then the NL. They have all the hitters it seems.
2. Saw our boy Jake pitch. Had 15 people from Alabama at the game, all of them escaping the hurricane down south, according to the Fox talking heads.
3. I think pitchers are really starting to like Petco, opposing pitchers that is.


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