Sunday, July 31, 2005

Charger Camps Opens!

I think today I'm going to mow my lawn, maybe take the kids the beach or pool. There is a concert at 5 pm at the park, maybe, well head to that.

I should be working on my novel instead of writing in this blog.

Is that a pimple on my chin, hmmmm?

Gotta wash the car today too. I'm I trying to do too much today.

Padres lost another one, oh well.

Gotta pay my bills today, end of the month.

2 games under 500, oh well. Are you allowed to start a sentence with a number? I should know that, I majored in English.

What, oh, sorry, thought I was writing in my personal diary, not my Padre blog. I can sure tell you which is more interesting right now.

We keep waiting for them to come out of it, but I think this is it, as I have argued before.

Somebody, keep all sharp objects away from Ducksnort, he's getting a little depressed I fear.

Damn, we're going to be just another sub 500 team out of contention if this keeps up. Maybe we should trade Giles to the big birds.

Oh well, Charger camp has started. I miss the UCSD days, but I guess the i-15 is nice, NOT!

Go Padres.

Padre Mike


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