Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well, its time for we Padre fans to come to grips with reality. We have been fooling ourselves into thinking that this Padre team is the type of team that played so well in May (22-6).

When the June swoon hit, we thought the Pads would cool off a bit, but were still a good team.

Now July is here, we've hit .500 and are on an 8-game slide, and finally the reality is sinking in.

And its this:

The Padres are not the Padres of May, but the Padres of June and July. We are an underachieving .500 club who happen to be in first place because the NL West is very weak. We are ordinary at best, and lousy on a bad day. And folks, its going to be a struggle from here on out to stay at .500, but we can win this thing.

There, doesn't that feel better?

Last night we had 9 hits (Bigbirds had 10) but 7 LOBs. Nevin alone had 5 LOBs. Giles hasn't hit a home run in 100 ABs. We had a base running blunder, a screw up in the outfield, and an error.

Its time for everyone to come to grips with the reality of the situation. We've spent the last two months trying to play like we did in May. May we a fluke. June and July are the reality.

"And, it is only from the hard stone of reality, that we can stand and gleam our future, grasshopper,"

So lets get over our fantasies of 98 or 84. We suck, but we are still in first place. We can win this division, but we gotta stop living in denial of the team we are.

Awww, I feel much better. Fresh reality, it stinks, but I know where we stand now.

And I'm a fan again. My pads are at .500 and that is were they deserve to be. Hell, its been this way for years and I still follow them.

So, turning a new corner, Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. One thing Bochy can do now is stop tinkering with the lineup, it isn't working anyway. Ro, L, Gi, Na, K, Ne, Ra, Gr. Leave it at that for a while. See what happens. You don't see LaRussa switching out players all the time.

2. Sandi must be scratching his head. "John, what did you get me into down here?"

3. I wanted Phil to knock in some runs yesterday, but no...5 LOBs, and I ain't talking tennis.


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