Saturday, July 23, 2005

Moving 9-mil

That is the big rumor this morning, moving 9-mil to Balitmore for a 13-mil pitcher. Well, dunno.

What can you say about yesterday other then, the maragaritas at Marrietas in La Mesa are the best in town.

IOWs, I wast paying to close attention.

Todays game is on Fox at 12ish. Oh boy.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. The NL west is for the taking. Towers should make a move to ensure we get into the playoffs. Moving Nevin might be a little strong. For all my ragging in 9-mil, he can hit the ball occasionally.

2. Hate to see Towers sit on his hands while the Dogbones, GayAnts , and Snakes make moves. They all know the West is up for grabs too.

3. Sorry, no time to spell check. Off to see Charlie and the Chocalate Factory.


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