Wednesday, August 10, 2005

That was a fun Game

Pedro overlooked the Padres big time last night, especially Greene with that HR.

"Who is dis Khalil Greene, some kid up from the minors. I shall blow him away with my fast ball."

Bang, the rest is history.

As I mentioned on the ducksnorts IGD, both trades for Pedro A. and Park look like good moves because both have live arms, as they say. To me, a washed up pitcher is a guy with no stuff who can't get the junk across the plate anymore.

But P and P seemed to have plenty of stuff during thier last starts.

My, my winning is fun.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Only problem with all this winning is I'm not getting any work done around the house. If its a crappy game I turn the TV off.

2. Guess Nevin is doing well in Texas. But we knew he would. He'll hit well for two weeks, injure his obleak and sit for a week, then take two more weeks to get his swing back, repeat.

3. I like Mudcat Grant. When the Mets third basemen made that great bare-handed grab last night, Mud said, "what in the name of Kevin Mitchell is going on out there." Now that is comedy.


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