Sunday, August 14, 2005


Another lousy game, back to 500, and still in first place. Well, folks what can I say. Its the strangest season ever. We are a third rate club leading the freaky NL West.

We fans are caught in the middle and don't know how to behave. Crappy Padres teams have been a San Diego staple for years. Then, occasionally, the team raises up and take us to grand baseball heights.

When the Pads are bad, we pay attention but don't get our heart invovled. We enjoy baseball and head to the beach. But when the team is good, we open our hearts and cheer.

But this freaky season we opened our hearts to a playoff bound team, yet they play like a crappy teams of the past, so we are caught in the middle. Its like a lover who loves you and breaks your heart all in the same day, then repeats the following day.

So, I've decided, like a gilted lover, to fall out of love with this years addition of the San Diego Padres. And, of course, like a jilte lover, I will secretly continue to cheer and hope for the best.

So, cheers to a freaky season...

Go Padres.


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