Friday, August 26, 2005

Tired, So Tired

...of watching this team's ineptitude at the plate. They certainly do not play a fun brand of baseball. No wonder, even though they are leading the NL Worst, the attendance numbers are down a couple of k.

Padres loose to the Rocks 3-4. Everytime I tune the game in, its MISP with 2 outs. Why is that?

Bruce Bochy looked tired of the same act too.

OTOH, the snakes (lost tonight), pitching has imploding in the hot August sun and the Dognones, bless their hearts, have a poisoned clubhouse and are emotionally self-destructing before our eyes.

And the Padres can't hit, so what else is new.

That's the reason I didn't catch the game togight. There are more interesting things to do in SD then watch a bunch of stuggling has beens struggle against a rookie pitcher.

Went to Cosi Mels for dinner and walked around UTC with the kids. Bought some sandles at the Clarks store. All that is more interesting then watching lousy Padres hitters get called out on third stikes to end the game. (I did see that). I mean it ain't worth the $$$ or the time.

Playing for the series win now, but we will have to hit the damned ball to win.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


At August 26, 2005 10:32 PM, Blogger Padre Mike said...

awe, readers are always nice. Wish I could say better thing, but man we stink, especially at the plate. The other bloggers are keeping up their spirits, but I'm getting depressed. May I should start blogging about the house remodel of my pursuit of a triathlon. Beats called third stikes to end the game.


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