Friday, September 02, 2005

Padres Win!

Sorry, I've missed a couple a days. Been over at my other blog posting on New Orleans and Iraq.

Caution: Political Blog! I'm center-left and all that that implies. Don't want to alienate my Padres friends via politics.

But a nice win yesterday and I do think the Padres are feeling the charge of post season.

I was listening to the radio and Ted and Tim. Klesko drops that fly ball and Ted starts ragging on him. But then Tim steps in with his best, "you never played the game, Ted so keep your mouth shut," tone. Ted got the message and moved on. Nice work, Tim.

I, as a fan, though can rag on Klesko all I want. But we won the game, so I won't, cept to say, he caught the next fly ball hit his way and received an ovation from the Milkwalky (yes, I'm misspelling that on purpose) fans. Snark.

Oh joy, to start playing a little better and put the ugly ball of June, July, and Aug behind us; that would be great. Earn a little respect, and clinch before the last set with this dogbones.

September beings out two moods in baseball, anticipation and competition or resignation and hunting plans. I don't buy the spoiler role or the idea that baseball players are competitive at all times. Unless you are fighting for the playoffs, its hard to get it up game after game in Sept. This works in the Padres favor, especially if you can put some distance between us and the AZ/Dogbones.

I know Padre Mike is feeling it, so Go Padres.

Padre Mike

1. Dear Load Jesus in the sky, please forgive me for ragging on the Padres for three months. All is forgiven, I am repentant.
2. Hey, where was the Charger game? Posed to be on at 7 pm. Thought I was gonna get a double fix of sports last night. Blacked out, pre-season game?
3. Greene is the most unlikely of shortstops, no? I keep waiting for the collapse or a demotion, or for the dream to end. But he is the real thing. Imagine that, a surferboy look a like shortstop that can hit. Crazy. And my daughter thinks he's vute.


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