Thursday, September 22, 2005

Crisp Win

Magic number: 7
Wins for a winning season: 6
Games left: 11

Nice win last night in Denver and hopefully an example of how the Padres can play when they get into the playoffs.

Funny Feeling

Hey, I'm starting to feel giddy about the playoffs. Poorest team in the playoffs, no doubt, but when you can combine the words "game" and "October" in the same sentence, its a good thing. Why, I haven't felt like this since the Padres clinched in mid September of aut 98.

And its looking more and more like the Houston Born Agains will win the WC. The Fish are fading and the Phillies, while keeping pace, have to do with a walk off grand slam in the 10th. Hou has a day game at Pitt and Phi has a day game at the Atl. Love to see Phi cut it down to 1.

I guess it matters. We want to play the Atl because we've played them well this season and the bud Birds look real tough this year.

He's So Cute!

Kalile (I'm gonna learn to spell that name someday), has been making Web Gems lately on Baseball Tonight. Last night, he had another great play going to his right. What's amazing to me is the arm. He's just a skinny kid, but what a hose. Oh, Fick at first with the nice pick.

My daughter wants to make a sign for Greene for the game on Monday. "Well, boy where do you plan to attend college and what medical school are you getting into?"

Other Stuff

So when we play heads up the Gay Ants and win, does that take two games off the magic number?

Day game today so see ya on Gameday and on Ducksnorts IGD, after yoga, of course.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Peavy is the man, lets hope Eaton can follow suit. I think he can.

2. Roberts was on fire last night, don't think he's feeling it? Don't like those head first slides though. Noticed on the second triple his hand bounced hard of the ground a got momentarily pinned under his body. Hey Roberts, you can get your uni just as grimy sliding feet first.

3. When the Padres make the playoffs, we are going to hear a lot about how bad we are. Apparently, our Run Differential is particularly bad, see ducksnort for the details. But, hey it not our fault we are in a bad division this year. Usually the NL West is one of the toughest. It would be nice to win a few in the playoffs, though.


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