Monday, November 07, 2005

BLaw for Vinny Castillo...WTF, Over?

Well, I've ranted about this already at DS comments, so not much point in rehashing all it again except to say, IT SUCKS!

But let me go into another rant about the theory that Vinny will pull fans from south of the 94 and south of the 905. BS! Padre fans, no matter where they live, want a competitive team at minimum and a winning team if possible. To suggest that somebody from Mexico Norte is gonna load the family and head to Petco to see the great Vinny Castilla play, is a load of horseshit. Fernando was different because he was a true legend to baseball fans and in particular to Hispanics.

Our friends to the South are gonna load up the family to see a winning Padre team play. So, lets drop the "Vinny will attract fans from the South" meme, right now.

Gees, and I thought the political propaganda was thick.

Hell, he may turn out to be a decent pickup, but the whole idea of it smacks of desperation. And if I were the owner of the Padres, and I am much of the time in my own mind, I would not have allowed that deal to go down.

Padre Mike


1. Trevor. Not sure what the deal is there. Agent playing games of course. Trevor "cleaning out his locker." To be honest, if Trevor himself walks, I'm nor heart broken. But what would bother me is to see him eclipse the save record in another uni. Tough call.


At November 09, 2005 12:59 AM, Blogger Mac said...

Even if/when Hoffman breaks the SV record in another uni, 90%+ of them were for the Padres. I won't shed any tears for another greedy player/agent combo who won't take a reasonable offer.
Also, Mike, what do you think: Was Trevor's brother hired to help lure him back?


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